We have all seen them at some point. That certain couple. The ones you envy. The couple you might even roll your eyes at with a smile. The ‘happily ever after’ couple you might just be living vicariously through. Maybe you have seen them when you’re out grabbing a coffee – they are flirting like […]

Marc + Kerry I heard once that music is what feelings sound like. It kinda struck a chord with me. ; ) *** I knelt down waiting to capture their first dance as husband and wife, when I heard that old familiar music start. With the first note, I was grateful for my camera that […]

I remember as a teenager taking the two hour ride to Montauk for no particular reason other then to see a certain stretch of road. It was old Montauk Highway. The drive is lined with high hedges, summer homes, the infamous Gurney’s Inn, and hidden peeks of the most spectacular ocean views.  I would take […]

She sat on the 9 hour flight speaking to him in a broken Italian accent while he spoke to her in English. She was heading home after a vacation in Sicily, and he was leaving his folks and heading to the states to start a new life of opportunity.  Little did he know that that […]

There is a place that I love to stalk. It’s a place you go to if you love wedding photography.  The site is called Fearless Photographers. Photographers all around the world submit their favorite images in hopes of a photograph getting stamped with their seal of a approval. It’s called a Fearless award. Only 3-5 […]