Laurel and Kevin’s beach engagement session was a beautiful event that was made even more special by the overcast sky that served as their backdrop! The couple opted for an unmistakably romantic setting at the beach with a breathtaking horizon. Laurel and Kevin are so very much in love, and it showed in the way they lovingly glanced at one another and laughed together! These two took it all in stride and enjoyed the serene atmosphere of the beach.

Max and Sasha had the most beautiful Long Island engagement session at Oheka Castle. The castle was a stunning backdrop for these two lovebirds as they celebrated their upcoming wedding. Max and Sasha explored the sprawling grounds, walking hand in hand and stealing sweet kisses as they went. The weather was perfect, with a light […]

Perfectly Imperfect It was 8 degrees. Howling winds brought the wind chill down below zero. It was the kind of mind-numbing cold where it was hard to even form words.  *** They are high school sweethearts. Best friends. Mom and Dad to their ridiculously fluffy golden, Darcy, and well, perfect.  *** From the outside looking […]

Pitter-Patter   It was a subtle movement and not particularly graceful but wonderfully adorable.  We were walking to a location, and they were behind me on a narrow boardwalk. My camera was down as I was juggling gear and they were about to pick up their bags. During the in-between moment, Joe reached out to […]

 It was damp, dreary, muddy and raining…but when they looked at each other you would swear it was Christmas morning.     I’m head over heels….for these two.       I love that they were so comfortable to get a wee bit silly!     My favorite thing in the world is visiting a […]