She sat on the 9 hour flight speaking to him in a broken Italian accent while he spoke to her in English. She was heading home after a vacation in Sicily, and he was leaving his folks and heading to the states to start a new life of opportunity.  Little did he know that that […]

I have a cool ‘job’. But what came unexpectedly along with this job,  was the fact that I get to meet really cool people. To be completely honest…I have never been one of those people who would say, ‘I love meeting new people.’ I didn’t. I liked my inner circle of very close friends, hanging […]

The “Kingdoms at War” site. Yes. It all began there. On an iphone app. Over 3,000 miles away from one another they fell in love. Over the internet. Playing an iphone game. Talk about random. ; ) Now, some might laugh at the impossibility of it all, and some might call it serendipity – I […]

Tomorrow I will greet the morning with a stretch. My feet will have wings as I get ready and envision their day. I always wonder if the soon-to-be bride and groom are still asleep or laying away in anticipation. I wonder how they are feeling. I usually always think back to my own day. The overwhelming […]

‘Grateful’. That’s what she said. Jimmy nodded in agreement. As we walked through the park during their engagement session, Traci and Jimmy told me how their venue was devastated by Sandy. It was December and they were still living with relatives and out of boxes. December!! I remember going out of my mind on day ten […]