When I asked Eddie what his favorite thing about Michelle was, he could have said her smile, or maybe something about her personality…but he didn’t. He said, “she does a little shoulder shrug when she is happy”. Hearing things like that make me happy. Sometimes it’s the words not being said that say the most. We […]

One month exactly from today… will be one of the most memorable days of their lives. They will wake up with butterflies in their stomachs, and silly grins on their faces from the anticipation. One month from today… they will have a best friend for life. They will share every ordinary and extraordinary moment…forever together. […]

‘What annual traditions does your family celebrate’? Recently my daughter came home from school with that question as her homework. I thought it was sad that traditions were mostly considered annual like birthdays or holidays. When I thought back to my own childhood it wasn’t just the big annual moments I remembered, it was the […]

When I hopped in my car for the drive I was excited for some time alone just to hear my own thoughts.  I rolled all the windows down…well, actually I didn’t technically roll them down ; )…and turned on the country music.  The engagement session was scheduled on the east end of Long Island, in a […]

When I asked them how they met, they shared a smile and began their story.  They were that couple that just gradually fell into place…naturally.  Their relationship comes across the same – naturally effortless. They are soooo in tune with each other. And they’re kind. And happy. And I especially love how they both share […]