I have always been enthralled with stylized shoots. Completely envious. Wedding inspiration is everywhere these days and the photos look as if they were torn from the pages of a magazine. While I have always been inspired by them, I always felt like the images were showing perfection rather than real life.   I mean, […]

 Beige Dave + Stacy It started over pickles.Mutual friends of ours shared a post on Facebook about their new venture ‘Dill Death Do Us Part’ pickles and we both commented. Both of us being photographers and having the same name…I guess you can say we kinda clicked. ; )Long story short, we met over coffee and fell deeply in love.She […]

Maybe it was the Grey Goose…or the music speakers that were juuust the right height for crowd surfing off of. Maybe it was because the DJ was an incredibly good instigator and encouraged the guests to build people pyramids on the dance floor and drink beer and wine out of the large vases glasses. Maybe […]

Marc + Kerry I heard once that music is what feelings sound like. It kinda struck a chord with me. ; ) *** I knelt down waiting to capture their first dance as husband and wife, when I heard that old familiar music start. With the first note, I was grateful for my camera that […]

You had to see it to believe it. They warned me that there would be some big dancing going on. I nodded, thinking to myself that I had seen it all, but apparently I had not. The napkins waved frantically above the crowd, while the 300 guests held hands and rotated in rings going in […]