I was at CVS the other day and a girl stood in front of me wearing Ugg boots, pajamas and her hair in a messy bun. To top it off she had yesterdays make-up smudged haphazardly under her eyes. Now I’m all for comfort, but I love a bit of an effort too. It made […]

Sometimes I think I write too much on this blog and maybe I should just let the pictures speak for themselves, eh? But, I find that almost impossible.  Rather than listening to my words this time around, I thought I would share some lyrics. Have you ever come across a song that you just loved? […]

I’m going to make a bold statement here. I have never seen wedding guests party so hard. Ever. I remember when I first met with Lea and Mike – one of the first things they told me was that they wanted their day to be a non-stop party. They delivered…with a little help from DJ […]

 It was like being on the Oprah show. The first time I met Jessica she pulled out her notebook and began asking numerous questions about my thoughts and knowledge about photography.  Numerous, being an understatement. ; ) We were on a roll and then it happened. “What makes you different from all other photographers?” *blink, […]

The bittersweet smiles, belly laughs and eyes rimmed with tears said it all. They remembered. They felt the moment as if it were yesterday. The pictures of memories danced across the screen during their reception and it was impossible not to be touched by the moment. It reminded me why I do what I do […]