His hand flew up to hide his mouth that started off as a gaping hole and then spread into a gigantic smile in the matter of seconds. It was the kind of reaction that every bride hopes for. Dreams of. Valerie spun around in a quick circle while he repeated over and over, and over […]

Jessica said the flowers might be a wee bit wilted, and quickly apologized when she saw me lift my camera to take a picture of them.  She explained to me that she had used the garden flower bouquet the night before as a microphone while belting out Springsteen. *Sighhhh* Don’t you love her already?! *** […]

They spent the day frolicking in the vineyards and being chauffeured in antique cars driven by Jennifer’s Dad’s buddies. There was emotional speeches, tin cans on the back of a car, and their first dance was sung by the maid of honor – which just knocked my socks off. It was a day filled with […]

 Chris and Meg’s song to their first dance sums up their love and their day perfectly…    “Wanna pack your bags, something small.. Take what you need and we disappear without a trace. We’ll be gone, gone. The moon and the stars can follow the car and then when we get to the ocean we’re […]

 When I arrived at Arleen’s room at Oceanbleu, she was sitting in an actor’s style chair in a white on white hampton-esque room. Among the flutter of people coming in and out – Arleen and I made eye contact.  Without a word she sprang from her chair and greeted me as if I was a […]