They sat quietly amongst the guest's favors. Subtle, gentle, pure, perfect.  To most they blended into the tapestry of the day, yet to me, they stood out as if it was the only thing I could see for miles.  Each time I passed the tulips, my heart would pound. Each flutter of the petal reminded […]

  It was a summer retreat where childhood memories were made. An idyllic setting. It was sentimental because Johanna’s folks were married right where their house now stands. The home was filled with natural light, comfy nooks, and the most unbelievable views. For all of its many amazing attributes, my favorite was the long corridor. Carefully […]

Perfectly Imperfect It was 8 degrees. Howling winds brought the wind chill down below zero. It was the kind of mind-numbing cold where it was hard to even form words.  *** They are high school sweethearts. Best friends. Mom and Dad to their ridiculously fluffy golden, Darcy, and well, perfect.  *** From the outside looking […]

Pitter-Patter   It was a subtle movement and not particularly graceful but wonderfully adorable.  We were walking to a location, and they were behind me on a narrow boardwalk. My camera was down as I was juggling gear and they were about to pick up their bags. During the in-between moment, Joe reached out to […]

The first time I met Jessica, she was teetering on the edge of a table writing a welcome message for her guests on the mirror above. The wedding was less than two hours away and she was in sweatpants with a top knot and a gregarious grin. She was positively glowing.    Moments before guests arrived, […]