Isabel + Justin | Willem de Kooning Private Estate in East Hampton

They sat quietly amongst the guest's favors.
Subtle, gentle, pure, perfect. 

To most they blended into the tapestry of the day, yet to me, they stood out as if it was the only thing I could see for miles. 

Each time I passed the tulips, my heart would pound.
Each flutter of the petal reminded me of a woman I never met and it also reminded me of a daughter who could never forget.
These flowers were her Mama's favorite.


Wedding days.
They are filled with all the extras.
The extra lace or tulle, the extra food, the extra decor, the extra favors. 
We go a little overboard and believe me, I love it all. 

The details and the theme of the day vary from wedding to wedding.
Some weddings are celebrated in backyards, while others are celebrated in castles.
No matter where the location though, the similarities and traditions still exist.

What personalizes it for me though are the sentimental moments.
The extra hugs. The extra laughs. The extra family who came in from out of town. 
Those particular "extra's" make the day extra, extra special. 


The bride's Grandfather was none other than Willem de Kooning known for his iconic works of art at MoMA.
Justin and Isabel's magical garden wedding was held on his private estate. 

My favorite quote from Mr. de Kooning was…

"I'm always in the picture…somewhere."

As with all of us, a piece of us lingers "here" forever; in art…in a photograph, in a memory and even in tulips. 



The lovely florals were created by Lenahan Designs

I met Isabel for the first time the day of her wedding. I fell in love with her within seconds. 

Prep party!


We all thought she looked like Jenny from Forest Gump.



A moment in between the posed photo, when I ask them to sneak in a quick hug. 

Killer genes!!


The morning of their wedding, Justin, went out surfing, so we thought it would be fitting to include a bit of personality into some detail shots.
Love when the location offers some unique spots!

Right out of the movie Point Break, right?!

Boutineers and surfboards…

This little guy was so scrumptious!



Blue is the new black…

The details were dreamed up beautifully by Isabel and executed flawlessly by Another Wild Hare… 


Holdin' on tight!


I love how she reacted to seeing Justin at the end of the aisle…



Annnd his reaction to her?



The ceremony was so beautiful and touching.
I cried throughout it too!


Mr. + Mrs.

I love the way he stole glances of his beautiful bride throughout the day…

A trip down memory lane!
Isabel and Justin had vintage memorabilia leading the guests from the ceremony site to a picnic area.
Lining the trees and on top of suitcases were framed photographs of sentimental moments of their lives together with family and friends.

I mean, a plain old bench never looked so good, right?!

I loved how relaxed and present they were.
Everything was so easy going and their love was so genuine and sincere. 

At one point I asked Justin a question about his bride and his eyes teared up. 

Sometimes you just find a place that looks like it would make a pretty picture and you give the couple some space to be themselves.
I took a shot and told them I was going to change a lens…but secretly I watched, as he asked to see her wedding band on her hand. 
 They shared a few laughs, a kiss and even clinked their glasses of champagne.
This is when I love my job the most…when life, love, and art all wrap together in a beautiful 'hug.'

Seriously?! Isabel, you're just as beautiful outside as you are inside.


I wanted to take this swing home with me!



So we made a plan to leave the property to check out a spot nearby, but when we arrived the sun had set, and the forest was dark.
Thinking quick we just started driving towards the light and found this magical location on the side of the road. Literally.
I was actually standing in the middle of the street taking these photos as cars drove by.

Love the relaxed look without the jackets for a backyard affair and the different style dresses for the girls…

I'm obsessed with flower girls. 

The moments in between…

The entrance to the reception area…


The picnic area where the guests gathered for cocktails…

The tulips
and Mr. de Kooning's studio framed by the draping fabric…


Memory lane…

When the day rolled into night, they partied beneath the tree-tops. 
One of my favorite parts of the day were the touching speeches…


Their first dance…

I couldn't get enough of the parent dances. So much love!

when the reaction is just as good as the action…

Daddy's little girl!

When you make it fun…


The uplighting transformed dark spaces of the landscape into works of art as the bark of the trees and each leaf were highlighted in a wash of color…


Before we said goodnight, we took two more photographs…


Isabel and Justin, it was an absolute joy to witness and document your happy day. 
It was everything and more. 
Dancing under the stars surrounded by family and friends in a forest of trees is as close to perfect as you can get. 
What a way to celebrate your first day as husband and wife!

As they say, "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary…is that little 'extra'." ; ) 
Thanks for sharing so much extra love!


Many things go into making a wedding magical. None of which would be possible without an incredible team.
I'm telling you they made it look easy…but the truth is there is nothing easy about creating a magical wonderland in the woods and bringing everything in.
There are so many things that need to be coordinated, and this team made it look absolutely effortless:
















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