Traci & Jimmy

Maybe it was the Grey Goose…or the music speakers that were juuust the right height for crowd surfing off of.

Maybe it was because the DJ was an incredibly good instigator and encouraged the guests to build people pyramids on the dance floor and drink beer and wine out of the large vases glasses.

Maybe when you love so fully…living life to the fullest comes easy.


 The energy, enthusiasm and effervescence was contagious. There were moments that made me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

I found myself not only happy on their day, but giggling out loud while editing. Their happiness continued to give; long after their day was over.

Gandhi once said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

This my friends was one of those days…

dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0059   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0002  

Such a pretty keepsake!


Some details to tell the story…

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0100   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0095  

Those boutonnieres need to come with instructions. In my next life I’m making an invention to secure them in place.


Hello there pretty!

  t10   t12  

Sooo adorable!


As we pulled up to the church the drizzle turned into rain…


The sound of bag pipes make me sob. No matter when or where I hear them…tears. The sound just moves me.


The moment…


 I love the glances during the ceremony…

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0185   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0182  

Right before heading out to the reception…

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0356   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0383     dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0362  

The Bridgeview Yacht Club was hit hard by Super Storm Sandy. The establishment worked diligently to get it in tip top shape before their big day!


I love how the draping softens the look of the chandeliers…


A crowd favorite…

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0484 dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0456  

Ready to celebrate!!




Now, this is where it all begins…


 I wouldn’t have believed it myself. But, as they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’!


How cool are their kids going to think they were; years later looking back at these photographs?!

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0658   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0823A  

Total rock stars!

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0818A   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0824A  

Pure happiness…


And then their Dads jumped in.

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0672   dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0668  

I don’t know.


Coolest candy bar everrrr. I’m a sucker for things that coordinate.

  dearstacey.com_traciandjimmy0855   tj3  

How could I resist?


Ahhh…the nostalgia of a photobooth.

Brings me back to when I was a kid…




Your memories have found a way into my life, the stories I tell and my happiness. I have re-lived your day a few times since…and each time I find myself sitting with a goofy smile on my face.

Thank you so very much for sharing your happiness with me!

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