Hooked on a Feeling – Yi and Kevin

Tomorrow I will greet the morning with a stretch. My feet will have wings as I get ready and envision their day.

I always wonder if the soon-to-be bride and groom are still asleep or laying away in anticipation. I wonder how they are feeling. I usually always think back to my own day.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude for all of our friends and family who will finally be with us all in one room. The months of preparation and planning, the details, and the love that is all poured into one day.

Marrying the love of your life is one of life’s happiest milestones and I can’t believe my job let’s me experience these moments over and over again. It never gets old.

Tomorrow morning I will be documenting Kevin and Yi’s first of many new beginnings. A slice of history. A moment in time. A tale to tell to generations to come.


I met up with Yi and Kevin for the first time at their engagement session. It was a huge compliment that they booked me on-line without meeting me prior. They did so because of a wonderful referral from one of my fabulous couples last year, Renee and Michael (hi guys – can’t wait to see you both!).

Truth be told though I was a bit terrified.  You see, Kevin moonlights as a photographer. That was a pretty big deal to me.  It’s a lot to live up to when being hired by a peer.


Photographs are personal. We spend hours of our lives being bombarded with imagery, that we have almost become numb to it. We skim, rather than we actually see. Regardless of what type of approach you want for your day (photojournalistic, artsy, fashion forward, or traditional) –  the imagery should ultimately make you feel.

That is my biggest hope and goal. When viewing someone’s story, maybe you feel happiness, maybe you feel envious. Maybe you feel like you know the couple – even when you don’t, and maybe you like that the images feel natural and comfortable even when slightly directed. When searching for a photographer I think couples should be hooked on a feeling.


Kevin and Yi had chosen their rehearsal dinner location, Prime, for their e-session. It was personal, it was unique and it was part of their story.

When they told me that ‘Hungry Eyes’, by Eric Carmen was going to be their wedding song, I almost fell over. I secretly loved them a little bit more for being so original and of coarse for reminding me about my younger days and the movie Dirty Dancing. They totally had me hooked…on a feeling.


  They brought along some fun items…

0009 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

Ahhh…how fabulous are their shoes?!

  0015 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

The location we were at had these huge wall windows to bring in some natural light –  which I loooved.

  0013 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

Cause you need one or two classic portraits…

  0006 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin   0008 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

I love the way they look at each other…

  0042 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

 Hellooo beautiful…

  0043 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

So sweet…

  0095 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

We totally re-arranged the furniture, but it was so worth it! : ) One of my faves…

  0045 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

 Some fun!

  0058 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin   0061 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

A quick trip outside at a random wall…

  0071 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

How dang playful and amazing are they?!

  0078 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin   0080 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

I neeeed that bench…so rustic and charming.

  0068 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

I’m not gonna lie – it was pretty chilly. They totally humored me!

  0084 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin   0088 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

Warming up by the fireplace…

  0049 (c) www.dearstacey.com - Yi and Kevin  

Tomorrow’s the big day! I’m thrilled and SO excited to be a small part of the happy day!

Before you go, leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Tara VF

    April 12th, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    Oh My!! What a connected looking couple!!!
    Stacey perfect as always (a gorgeous couple does help though;)

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