Abby and Michael – New York Engagement Session

Just as they sat down on the steps and I went to take a picture, we heard familiar lyrics from a car at a nearby red light…

“Spring is here, the sky is blue. The birds all sing as if they knew….

Because we’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…going to the chapel of love.”


Now, how often do you hear that song? What are the chances?

That’s probably one of my favorite things. Happy coincidences.

 Taking a chance, a leap of faith, is having hope. Chances after all are what we make of them, but to me happenstance makes me feel as if the moment is juuuust right.

On this particular day –  it was quite possibly the windiest day EVER.  Like 60 mph winds.  Abby and Michael made the best of the crazy weather and embraced the moment we were in, fully.

That right there is the secret of life.  We have a choice everyday to make the most out of what we are given, and Abby and Michael did just that (with gale force winds and all)- and I love them for it.

In a few months we will be celebrating their happy day at the Inn at New Hyde Park and I can’t wait!!


 The shoe shot…

  0004 (c) - Mike and Abby  

The alley gave us a bit of refuge from the wind…

  0048 (c) - Mike and Abby  

A quick snuggle…

  0013 (c) - Mike and Abby  

 Under the bridge…

  0017 (c) - Mike and Abbywmk  

Look at this gorgeous girl…

  0070 (c) - Mike and Abby   0008 (c) - Mike and Abby  

Last but not least…

  0057 (c) - Mike and Abby  

Thank you so much Abby and Michael for booking me on-line without prior meeting. That meant the world to me.

I’m looking forward to celebrating your big day this spring!


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