12 Beautiful Wedding Barns in Long Island, New York

  1. Jazmin Francis says:

    What barn is shown at the bottom of the page in the pictures? 

  2. melinda says:

    Hi, What barn is featured in the photo's at the end of the article?



  3. Long island is famous for unique and stylish wedding venues. These are some amazing places at long island where people can make their special day memorable. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  4. Long island is famous for it's beautiful and unique wedding venues. I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing some awesome venues!

  5. Lila says:


    Does all barns listed require the couple to look for their own caterers or caterers are provided?



    • stacey says:

      Hi Lila,

      I’m not too sure, you would need to check in with them. 

      That would be something to include though for a follow up post. Thanks for the idea!

      All the best,

      Stacey : ) 

  6. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 znjrj

  7. Diana Friedberg says:

    Presently working to put a wedding together for September 2019 and want to thank you for providing so much helpful information. I hope to learn more from your wedding experience and your knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • stacey says:

      Hi Diana!

      Roxbury is magical. We have had a place up in the Catskills by Big Indian for the last 30 years so I’m familiar with the area. 

      My husband and I planned on getting hitched up there on my families property. We hired the caterer, ordered the tents and then chickened out when we started hearing comments from our family and friends. I regretted that decision ever since, more so, when one of my couples got married at Stone Tavern Inn in Roxbury. They had a huge turnout and everyone was so present because it was a weekend affair. There are pros and cons to everything of course. 

      If you do go the route of an out of town wedding, plan early with your save the dates and give your guests plenty of options for overnight accommodations or Airbnb’s. Also, be sure to block rooms to get the best rates and maybe look into transportation to and from the venue so they can enjoy themselves more fully after the long drive. 

      Above all else, keep your eye on the prize! ; )   

      If you have any further questions, just holler!


  8. Diana Friedberg says:

    Stacey, you had your wedding in Roxbury NY.  We live on Long Island and have been thinking seriously about having our wedding in Roxbury. It takes around 4 hours from NYC to get there and we just don’t know if guests will want to drive that distance. Are you from Roxbury area? Did you ever hear of guests making a fuss over traveling 4 plus hours? We have many events planned for our guests from Friday night thru Sunday, but nervous to commit because I’ve been getting many comments about distance (not from guests as they don’t know yet; just talking to people).

    your input will be most helpful

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