It's looming over me. Like a shadow I can't lose. It's heavy on my shoulders.
Like Scarlett O'hara, I tell myself, "I will think about it tomorrow."
Tomorrow is almost here though, so sooner or later, I will have to think about it today.

I have tied to ignore it.
The mirror hasn't let me forget. Neither have my kids.
They tell me 90's music is considered 'old school'. How did that even happen? 
I pass by the sparkly eye shadow and grab the palette of neutrals.  
Who am I?

The last ten years have been a lovely blur; filled with making memories with my husband, the birth of our babies, mortgage payments, sweet vacations, dishes piled in the sink, my beautiful business and more fast food than I care to admit.

 I pick up my 'Five Minute Journal' and jot down my list; three things I'm grateful for and three things I want to happen today.  
It reminds me that beneath the piles of laundry, sunspots and wrinkles, the goals and dreams I dared to reach are here. Now.
My dreams have become reality.

Maybe forty isn't so bad after all. 
Life is what we make it. 

So I will embrace this crazy age, the reading glasses and saggy boobs.
I will slow down. Take it all in. 
Reflect. Plan. Create. Dream and set bigger goals. 

Life is not over at 40, perhaps I'm looking at it all wrong.
Maybe it's just beginning.

This is the year I will stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I will."

I've got some BIG plans. 
Can't wait to fill you all in! 






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