Garden Party Wedding Inspiration

I have always been enthralled with stylized shoots.
Completely envious.
Wedding inspiration is everywhere these days and the photos look as if they were torn from the pages of a magazine.
While I have always been inspired by them, I always felt like the images were showing perfection rather than real life.  
I mean, if everything is planned to a tee (location, lighting, etc.) what can go wrong?!

So, with that in mind, we set out during one of our busiest seasons of the year and planned a date for the Garden Party.  
I'll be honest, it wasn't an easy feat; 
coordinating with over 14 people becomes a full time job. 

When all was said and done, the day arrived.  
The heat index was in the triple digits and the humidity was at 87%.
It was brutal to say the least.

With one mishap after another, it almost didn't happen.
Nothing was going our way.
The location had to be changed last minute. The lighting was crazy in our new spot and the
heat and mosquitoes were so unbearable you could barely think. 
The great thing about working with professionals though, is that come hell or high water they WILL make it happen. And they did. 

When the make-up needed touching up or I needed an extra hand, DeDe from NY Artistry was there. When tables, chairs and sofas needed to be moved to another location, Scott and his crew were all smiles. Lori, from Avaflora was the jack of all traits; handling the florals, tablescape and being my therapist. Angela and Elise went above and beyond the call of duty. The models. These beautiful girls were AMAZING in less than ideal shooting conditions.


I heard once, "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."
I think that's about right and if that's the case hopefully you're in for a treat!

Without further ado…meet the lovely Joanna.








Loved having the opportunity to play with the fabulous baubles from Jupiter Jewelry!



Lori (from Avaflora) reached out to Joanna (her past bride) and asked her to join us.
So thankful she was visiting from CA and helped out!




Stationery by Adrienne at Ipanema Press just set the tone…




One of the BEST in the business.
Avaflora's designs have a life of their own.
It's always such a treat being in the company of her arrangements.




Rachel is up next. Such a dream. Just as sweet as she is pretty. 
Hats and hydrangeas?! Heaven!!!






The basket of lavender.






I think hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, especially when in a big bunch. 
I couldn't get enough!






Below is my dear past bride Kerry. 
What she had to do to help us out for the day was incredible.
I'm totally indebted to her. 




It's seriously not fair. 
The eyes, the hair…the everything!





Incorporating a little bit of the purple in the environment!




I'm absolutely smitten with Paige Marion.
Known for creating unique environments to transform any space with their custom pieces,
Scott and his team were such an instrumental part of pulling the whole concept together. 


















Diamonds (and desserts) are a girls best friend?!
One of the best parts of the shoot is sampling the treats. Thanks Elise!





What we loved about the Two Birds Bridesmaid dresses was the versatility of the straps.
Rachel was over the moon with the style and comfort of her dress. 

One of my favorite shots was all of the girls on the settee. 



Super big thanks to Cassandra who came along spur of the moment and helped us out in a pinch!







I'm so incredibly honored to work with such an amazing team of vendors.
While the circumstances were far less than perfect, you all had a profound way of making the shoot look effortless.
Thank you all for going above and beyond to help create such a fun shoot!

If you would like to learn more about the team of vendors, please check out their sites below:

Floral Designer | 
Wedding Dress | Kleinfeld
Bridesmaid dresses | Two Birds Bridesmaid
Stylist | Jacqueline Weppner from
Rentals |
Location | Bailey's Arboretum
Stationer | 
Make up |  N.Y. Artistry
Hair | Angela's Hair Design
Desserts | J'aime Les Bon Bons 
Jewelry | Jupiter Jewelry
Table runner + ribbon | Silk and Willow 
Photography | Long Island Wedding Photographer Dear Stacey


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