The Carltun – Long Island, New York

Making Music
Eric + Nicole 

Eric is a self-proclaimed hippie with a love for Motown and Bob Dylan, while Nicole digs the Beatles. The music list on their big day was filled with unique unpredictable songs and nostalgic treats. 

I’m not sure why this is significant to me, but there is something about music.
Maybe it’s the lyric, the hum of a tune, the beat of a drum, the strum of a  guitar that sugar coats ordinary days and makes extraordinary days even better.  
It touches hearts, moves the feet and stirs the soul.

Like a favorite photograph you don’t really see, but feel,  music and love, work the same way.  

And like fine solo instruments, Nicole and Eric are beautiful individually, but when together create an amazing symphony. 

Their “music” can not only be seen and heard but more importantly…felt with the heart.  

See if your heart agrees…

Meet their pup Paprika…

and Serena! 

A sentimental handkerchief was placed behind the zipper . 

Eric and his brother…

Final touches…

That’s Dad on the right!

And that’s Nicole’s Daddy on the left and Grandpa on the right.

Church humor.

The arrival…

THE moment…

Check out that face full of pride.

Anyone else a fan of architecture?! 

The excitement!

I love this little moment before they said “I do”.

The reading was wonderfully personal and super touching. I loved getting to hear more about their relationship and personal stories about Eric when he was younger.

Mr. and Mrs.


They are ridiculously perfect without even trying. Caught this while heading to the car…

What I LOVE about The Carltun is that there are so many pretty spots to take pictures even with large bridal parties and extended families. It happened to have poured that day, so it was nice to be able to use the patio instead of the grass.

Fiddling with the new addition.

Nicole’s stunnnning dress was by Dennis Basso from Kleinfeld’s. While dresses always fit like a glove, sometimes suits and tuxes can go awry. It’s so important for grooms to find a great fit and tailor. Loved the tux Eric bought from Imparali, NYC and it too fit like a glove.

This was a hysterical debate. I would love to share, but the blog is PG. ; )

One of my favorites from the day…

Who doesn’t love a cathedral veil?!

Many thanks to Flowers by Brian for the lovely florals!

I didn’t ask them to do this. This is who they are and I love them for it. They were practicing their first dance and then got all cute.

Sometimes the little moments are just as special as the big ones.

Totally original first dance song, “Can’t Nobody Love You” by The Zombies.

They even danced by themselves during dinner. Sighhh…



Moments in between…

AND then the BIG reveal. Nicole had mentioned she envisioned a ballgown for her wedding, but when she saw this number, she thought it was something Eric would love.
Soooo, she did a quick switch right before cake. 

BEST reaction EVER.

Nicole you nailed it!

Took two minutes for a fun shot in the red room!


What I adore the most about Nicole and Eric was their playfulness. They were 100% present in the moment.

Straight out of Hollywood these kids.

I love your love.

The End.

I heard once, “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and if that is the case,   
thank you Nicole and Eric for being the music in one another’s life and adding a little extra sparkle.
For dancing to the beat of your own drum and for showing others how it’s done. 

It was an absolute honor to celebrate your love and enthusiasm in this little thing called life. 
Much love and appreciation for having me along on such a fabulous ride….

Dress designer | Dennis Basso

Band | Jeff Ludin Band, Hank Lane

Florals | Flowers by Brian

Wedding venue | The Carltun

Makeup | Ooh LaLa Makeup by Joanne

Video: 15 Minutes of Fame

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