Home on the Farm – Dave & Shannon

The little black car sped through the fields as the dirt and gravel flew in the air behind us.  The un-even road where John Deere tractors make their home – rattled the car.

Dave told Shannon to turn left at the grapes, and the alfalfa patch would be on the left.  He said it as casual as, ‘make a right on Smith Street’. I laughed out loud in spite of myself.

Acres of farm land stretched out as far as your eyes could see.  The horizon was evident in every direction – which made it seem as if this was the only place on earth. When the car came to a stop we hopped out into a cloud of dust on to the land that Dave grew up on, and helped farm.

It was a place with character…like some hidden magical spot you only get to hear about. The light infused the landscape with a dreamy golden layer of goodness, and the sky was so clear that you could just imagine that the stars stay up all night there to dance.


On the North Fork of Long Island is where Dave use to call home, but a government job landed him in VA.

Shannon, (a native Long Islander) currently calls CT her ‘home’.

After a chance encounter while having the honor to be a bridesmaid and a groomsmen at a friends wedding, a relationship began. Long distance.


Home is in Virginia. Home is in Connecticut. Home is in Long Island.

Home to me is not a place, but a feeling.

 To me it’s the comfort of a great hug, the sound of a familiar voice, or an ordinary day in extraordinary company.

Home for Dave and Shannon may not be one specific place yet, but it’s certainly a feeling that can’t be dismissed when you’re in their company. They are just a home-y kind of couple which I adore.

Home-y… as in home-y cozy and comfortable…not ‘heey home-y’. Juuuust in case there was any confusion. ; )

Here is hoping that no matter how many miles apart or close together, we bring ‘home’ with us where ever we go.

Cause home after-all, is where the heart is.


Home on the farm…


Dave’s namesake.


Love the license plate.


Reminds me of a ferris wheel…


Holy smokin’ eyes!


This is where they store bales of hay.

Random fact: Did you know that a bale of hay weighs approx. 70-100 pounds?!




Light and shadow…




a little bit of sun flare…


 dappled light…




I haven’t done this in a while.

A frame within a frame.


A rustic-y lovely background!

You’re not so bad yourself Dave.


Gahhh! You’re gorgeous my love.


Didn’t they do a great job dressing themselves?! : )

Layering  and texture work/look amazing in photographs. They are a little bit easy on the eyes too, eh?


 There is nothing like a great pair of boots in the fall…


Found a little patch of color still left on the trees…


The barn…


I’m not even sure why I like this. I just do.


A farm just wouldn’t be a farm without a barn.

It’s so wonderfully country.


Hellooo there gorgeous….


Sweeping her up into his arms…


Dave and Shannon,  I loved every single second of our play-date. Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to photograph your engagement session on such an amazing piece of property. It was the perfect backdrop…an amazing bonus – to accompany your happiness, fabulous sense of humor and love.

I’m completely over the moon about your ideas for the big day. Eeeee…can’t wait!


Because I haven’t shared an e-session in a while, I thought I would add a little ‘extra’.

If you would like to see Dave and Shannon’s slideshow, click here!

(song featured is licensed from Song Freedom)


20 comments = complimentary gift for the couple!

  1. Shannon says:

    Stacey — WOW! You did such an AMAZING job with these! This is exactly what we had envision plus soooooo much more! The images that you have captured from that day are beautiful and Dave and I are so happy that you will be photographing our wedding. I mean we were already excited the day that we met you — but these are just Goregous! Thank you Thank you! And thank you for your kind words in the post! xoxo Shannon

    • Stacey says:

      YAY!! You made my day! Thank you for giving me the fabulous opportunity to document your love. I adored spending the afternoon with you both and can’t wait now for the happy day!

  2. Brianne O'Sullivan says:

    Can’t wait for the big day! These photos are breathtaking!

  3. Laura Kinney says:

    Just beautiful darlings!! I mean really.. Dave Steele Farms is kind of THE perfect backdrop for the two of you! Ah I want to see more please! xo

  4. Laura Kinney says:

    Um, okay I just watched the Slideshow.. and its Amazing!!! Beautiful photography and obviously couple! Okay, I’m going to go watch it again now…..

  5. Sherry says:


  6. Maria P says:

    Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous couple!!

  7. Monique says:

    Best photos ever!! Love u guys xo

  8. Michele Peyser says:

    My newsfeed is filled with engagement photos daily…BUT I have to say, yours might just be my favorite yet 🙂 Amazing location, ideas and photography. Nice work! Hope all is well!

    • Stacey says:

      Stop!! What an amazing compliment. Thank you! I realize the market is over saturation with photos and photographers these days – so it’s awesome to hear that the blog post stood out to you. The amazing couple made the job pre-tty easy! I really appreciate that you took the time to comment and let me know. S : )

  9. danielle porrazzo says:

    Absolutely stunning, Shan you look gorgeous!!!

  10. kate m. says:

    Wow, these picture are so beautiful. The lighting and angles are amazing!

  11. Kaysea M. says:

    Shannon, you look SO BEAUTIFUL!! These pictures are awesome and the story really added to the pictures… The slide show was a very nice finishing touch! Wishing you two an AMAZING wedding and future together!!

  12. Patricia Davey (Aunt Patty) says:

    That was so beautiful, Shannon I know your Mom and Grandma are so proud of you, You are going to be a Beautiful Bride
    Love ya

  13. Kalani Graue says:

    Wow Dave your finally getting married. Congrats. Photos look great! Aloha

  14. Shannon Malkin says:

    Gorgeous photos. Shannon, you look amazing! So happy for you.

  15. Christopher Morrow says:

    Amazing shots…you guys look awesome. Memories to last a lifetime…congrats you guys! Can’t wait to spend your special day together!

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