It’s personal.

When my sister got married, a factory photographer showed up and shot her wedding.
There was no connection, no relationship – just a hired service.
When her images came back, they lacked the feeling I remembered that day.
The moments were all there, but their story wasn't;
who they were as a couple and the cozy intimacy they share with family and friends. 


Shortly thereafter, I became a wedding photographer.
My priority was to make my business personal.
When you work with people on the happiest days of their lives, 
it's not just a service, it's a huge honor.
I don't take it lightly. 
 I don't want to just show up and document what I see. I want to document what it feels like.

To do that, I need to get to know my clients. 
I love when they share their history with me. Their likes and dislikes.
It may sound silly, but I really want to know who their favorite people are,
the music they listen to, their favorite colors and places they love.  

For an image to come to life, I believe there has to be a relationship.
Not just between the couple, but with the photographer as well. 


So this all got me thinking.
While I get to know my couples on a personal level, I noticed I rarely share my world. The behind the scenes.  
In an effort to hold myself accountable for more work/life balance, I decided to add "It's Personal" posts every Friday. 


While it may not be the most entertaining read, I want to remind myself that happiness isn't found in the end goal.
It's found along the way in the millions of little things that happen throughout the week that bring a spark of joy.


Happiness this week: 

– Amazon Prime! How did I ever do Christmas shopping before this?! And their $9.99 a month book club and movies? 

– I watched Disney's Inside Out. Anyone else sob? What a brilliantly creative, imaginative story. 

– Just the originals. My brother and sister are married with kiddos, but we made a date to hang out (just us) at my folks house one night.
Shared many laughs and sang Christmas music!


– When picking up wine (for the above), I passed by a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream.
It brought me back a million years ago to my favorite drink.
Ever have Bailey's with Butterscotch Schnapps? I rarely drink, but this is a treat.  It's actually dessert in a glass.
The Butterscotch Schnapps tastes like a velvety caramel.
If you're not a fan of Bailey's, try it with Kaluha. Mmmm.
For more versions of this ridiculously delicious drink, check out this

– Bought cozy new pajamas at Aerie for the days when the boss lets me go "casual".
Best part is, it's not contained to just Friday's here! ;
)  Mix and Match Holiday plaid. Yes, please! 


– Planning the menu for Thanksgiving at our house this year. Scary and exciting. Should be cleaning to get ready instead. Time to find a place to hide the laundry baskets! 


– Listened to THIS song (male vocalist of the year) over and over a few dozen times.
It's the kind of song that sounds better with your eyes closed. 


Looking forward to catching up with Stephanie and Steven and Julia and Jimmy during their e-sessions this weekend.
I love couples with matching first letter names!! (S+S and J+J).



They're going to kill me for posting this, but I love this memory.
We all took a vacation up in Newport Vermont this year. One of my favorite vacations ever.

Below is a cell phone shot, don't judge!
My brother and sis.
Family is everything. 






  1. Jill Bowcock says:

    Stacy, you couldn't be better at making what you do personal. I initially wanted you because of your breathtaking pictures of your sister'swedding. I had no idea that you would end up being a person that I was SO THANKFUL for at my wedding. You were like having a big sister there. Your personal touches (in addition to your amazing eye at capturing beautiful moments) is what made having you as a photographer an experience, not just a vendor. Anyone who books you is lucky. Love the blog!! Xoxo -your forever fan!! 

    • stacey says:

      JILL my beautiful bride!!  I LOVE YOU. After all these years later and you still come to check out the blog?! Thank you for being so loyal, kind and genuine. You make my heart so happy. Let me know when you’re in NY. I’d love to meet Cora and grab some lunch!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Litterally tearing up. Amazingperson,amazing photos, incredible talent

    • stacey says:

      Oh Carolyn. You and your family have a special place in my heart. I loved documenting your wedding (and your sisters)!  It’s an honor to be invited back and I love seeing your beautiful little family grow. Miss you tons! 

  3. julia says:

    Thanks Stacey!! LOVED our e-session, can't wait for the "real thing" in April!




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