It wasn't unlike me to wait until the last minute. With three kids in elementary school there is always something they need to bring in for class. This was a bit different. This wasn't a school supply or a food item needed for a party.  I went to the shelf in my office and pulled […]

When my sister got married, a factory photographer showed up and shot her wedding. There was no connection, no relationship – just a hired service. When her images came back, they lacked the feeling I remembered that day. The moments were all there, but their story wasn't; who they were as a couple and the […]

I can sometimes feel their breath on me. They are standing so close that sometimes I'm restricted to even move. I'm assuming they don't want to be in my way, so they stand behind me or rightnexttome trying to take their own shot. I get it. It's a moment that you can never really duplicate. […]

I am that girl. You know the one who plays Christmas music before the leaves start falling. Who lights candles on the first crisp day…when the temperature reaches a cool 60 degrees. I live for the season and everything it reminds me about my childhood. The excitement, the prepping, the planning and even the anxiety.  October […]

I have always been enthralled with stylized shoots. Completely envious. Wedding inspiration is everywhere these days and the photos look as if they were torn from the pages of a magazine. While I have always been inspired by them, I always felt like the images were showing perfection rather than real life.   I mean, […]