Heaven on Earth – Ali & Tommy

I remember as a teenager taking the two hour ride to Montauk for no particular reason other then to see a certain stretch of road. It was old Montauk Highway. The drive is lined with high hedges, summer homes, the infamous Gurney’s Inn, and hidden peeks of the most spectacular ocean views.

 I would take that road back and forth a few times in a row just to catch a glimpse. It’s a view where the lush landscape slopes down and you can see beautiful cliffs greeting an azure blue ocean and sky. It was what I imagined Hawaii or the California coast to look like and it was right here in my own ‘backyard.’

It’s funny, I always took that view for face value. I appreciated it from my car as I drove by and never really thought the view could get better.  Little did I know.


There are some places that just kiss your soul. It leaves an impression on you from the moment you set eyes on it. One of those places for me is Montauk. I love the charm, the ocean, the air, the light, the main street shops and the hustle and bustle of beach life.

If you have been to Montauk yourself restaurants like; Harvest on Fort Pond, Lobster Roll or Gosman’s might conjure up some pretty great memories.

For Ali, Montauk was where she spent her childhood vacationing at her grandparents place exploring, as kids do, some of the most wonderful hidden spots along the coast. She actually had a front row seat to that view I use to see afar.

It’s where the land, sea and the sky melt together and it feels a little bit like heaven on earth. It’s no wonder that is where Tommy would propose.

Locations, like some people,  leave an impression with you long after you leave. Montauk is my kind of place, and Ali and Tommy are my kind of people.


 Sea, sand, salt and sky…


I like that the birds dropped in for a quick visit…

  DSC_2396   DSC_2603  

 The paths were super narrow which made taking the pictures a bit tricky…but it added to the adventure!

  DSC_2487   DSC_2472  

Some hazy sun to go with the beachy feel…

  DSC_2571   DSC_2655  

The light is extra special on the east end. Golden, dreamy and a bit diffused…


As we drove down the road together, one of the street signs was Hopkins (Tommy’s last name). We had to stop for a quick pic.


And then I took them to one of my favorite places…



Split rail fence and all…

  DSC_3110   DSC_2775   DSC_2779  

I know!!!!

  DSC_2923   at3  

A random spot…


my favorite…

  DSC_2794   at5  

  The most fabulous rustic, weathered siding ever…oooh yeah, and a pretty dang hot couple to boot…

  DSC_2979   DSC_3048     DSC_3076  

Our final destination was Gosman’s, in hope of catching the sunset. We literally had three minutes before it disappeared beneath the horizon. We ran across the parking lot, not even having time to get to the beach. They were literally at the curb and I was in the street to take the shot, but we made it.

This was the last photograph of the night.


Ali and Tommy, you guys are awesome. I have enjoyed every single conversation with you both and spending that evening with you was just  icing on the cake for me. Thanks for sharing such a special place with me. You guys certainly know how to leave a lasting impression!

Super excited for the BIG day at Land’s End


****After I posted this blog, Ali contacted me. She told me that a while back her family had planted a tree in Montauk for her grandfather, with a plaque that read… ‘ Dad’s little bit of heaven on earth.’

Completely unbeknownst to me.



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  1. kellie Mohrmann says:

    Stunning!!! Love each and every one. and all was so well written & explained with detail… simply beautiful!

  2. Kate Meyer says:

    These are gorgeous. Nothing quite like the MTK golden hour and a super gorgeous couple! Great job!

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks Kate! They made my job so easy, right?! : ) Great, amazing subjects + a fabulous location = a happy heart

  3. Tommy Hopkins says:

    You are so cool, so awesome, sooo the BEST photographer in the world! It was great to spend our special day with such an amazing person. THANK YOU!!!

    • Stacey says:

      TOMMY!!! Who has it better than me with clients as awesome as you and Ali?! So EXCITED for the big day. Ahhhhh!!! You’re the best!

  4. carol hynes says:

    I can’t stop crying. You have captured the beautiful story between my Ali & Tommy in the most gorgeous pictures ever. Can’t wait to see what you do at the wedding. Looking forward to meeting you.

    • Stacey says:

      Awww Mrs. Hynes, thank you for the sweet words and even more so for raising such a kind, wonderful girl. I love her to bits! I’m looking forward to meeting you on the happy day!

  5. Jessica Peterson says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My cousin Thomas is so dear to my heart and Ali is such a perfect match for him. No doubt these two were made for each other. These pictures belong in a magazine somewhere! So excited to celebrate with the two of you at, what is sure to be, the wedding of the year!! XOXO

  6. Gail Tedeschi says:

    I enjoyed looking at each and every photo 3X. They are a Beautiful Couple, and I wish them every happiness life has to offer. They both looked like models, very natural and comfortable. The photography was sooo Beautiful, I can’t wait to see the Wedding pictures. Thanks for sharing these personal photo’s with me.

  7. Ali Hynes says:

    I cant believe how beautiful these pictures are! Stacey you are truly amazing and made us both so comfortable! We had such a great time doing this and are just thrilled with you and your work. Its not every day you find someone who is brilliant but also a genuine, wonderful person. We are so looking forward to the wedding!!!!!

    • Stacey says:

      Ali, you totally made my day! Heck maybe my week. You are the reason I do what I do. Montauk was just magical. I’m even more excited now for the happy day! Thanks SO much for taking the time to stop in and leave your thoughts.

  8. Elise Hopkins says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple, Iam so happy that Stacy was able to capture the true love you both have for each other. Iam so glad for Thomas and Alie, they have found each other, and will live happily-ever-after, Love Mommy and Daddy Hopkins

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