I can sometimes feel their breath on me. They are standing so close that sometimes I'm restricted to even move. I'm assuming they don't want to be in my way, so they stand behind me or rightnexttome trying to take their own shot. I get it. It's a moment that you can never really duplicate. […]

I am that girl. You know the one who plays Christmas music before the leaves start falling. Who lights candles on the first crisp day…when the temperature reaches a cool 60 degrees. I live for the season and everything it reminds me about my childhood. The excitement, the prepping, the planning and even the anxiety.  October […]

Making Music Eric + Nicole Eric is a self-proclaimed hippie with a love for Motown and Bob Dylan, while Nicole digs the Beatles. The music list on their big day was filled with unique unpredictable songs and nostalgic treats.  I’m not sure why this is significant to me, but there is something about music. Maybe it’s […]

 Beige Dave + Stacy It started over pickles.Mutual friends of ours shared a post on Facebook about their new venture ‘Dill Death Do Us Part’ pickles and we both commented. Both of us being photographers and having the same name…I guess you can say we kinda clicked. ; )Long story short, we met over coffee and fell deeply in love.She […]

I had to retain myself from spinning and singing "…the hills are alive with the sound of music." It was that kind of place, that kind of joy, that kind of love that makes your heart kind of want to explode. No joke. Below is their story. Enjoy! Matching robes! a moment in between… Don't […]