It's such a HUGE honor to work with talented creatives who are super passionate about their clients and their work. What's even better?! When they bestow upon you the amazing honor to be there to document one of their happy milestones.  I'm going to be totally honest here. Lori from AvaFlora made me fall in […]

They huddled together for the family formal picture. It was probably the closest they have all been since they were kids. They stood side by side; the bride and her sisters…Mom and Dad.   Their shoulders were pressed against one another and they were smiling for the camera, unaware of the gravity of that moment.This family…who lived […]

I’m sure she had Steve at ‘hello’. How do I know? I swear I fell madly in love with her from our first e-mail. Most of our correspondence revolved around the words ‘hooray, yay, and eeeek’; with an over abundant use of explanation points. By our second e-mail I asked her to be my BFF – […]

Maybe it was the Grey Goose…or the music speakers that were juuust the right height for crowd surfing off of. Maybe it was because the DJ was an incredibly good instigator and encouraged the guests to build people pyramids on the dance floor and drink beer and wine out of the large vases glasses. Maybe […]

 It was damp, dreary, muddy and raining…but when they looked at each other you would swear it was Christmas morning.     I’m head over heels….for these two.       I love that they were so comfortable to get a wee bit silly!     My favorite thing in the world is visiting a […]